4 Reasons You Should Monitor Tire Pressure


How tire pressure affects grip, fuel economy, and wear.

Lets Answer Four Questions About Tire Pressure:
1. How does tire pressure change with temperature?
2. How does tire pressure affect tire grip?
3. How does tire pressure affect fuel economy?
4. How does tire pressure affect tire wear?

Modern cars come equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems, but the feature is much more rare on older cars. Fortunately, there’s a clever solution, as I heard about this Steelmate tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) from ChrisFix, and it’s something you can easily install on nearly any car. The system works by placing a pressure transducer at each tire, and then this information is wirelessly sent to a receiver unit, which plugs into the power outlet and displays each tire’s pressure. The system can even inform you if you have an air leak in a tire.

Big thanks to Steelmate Co. LTD for sponsoring the video, all opinions are my own!

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