FIRST LOOK: Aston Martin AM-RB 001 Concept


Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing pull the covers off the AM-RB 001 Concept, a hypercar developed in partnership between the two iconic automotive companies.

With engineering lead by Red Bull's Adrien Newey and design with Aston Martin's Marek Reichman, it was surely to create something spectacular and AM-RB 001 does not disappoint. With a total run of between 99-150 models to be produced, including 25 track variants, and a price tag of £2-3m (figures to be confirmed), already 370 customers have submitted interest in purchasing the car. Powered by a naturally aspirated V12 and with a 1bhp to 1kg weight target, there is no question this is going to be a phenomenal machine. With Red Bull's experience it is designed to be the ultimate in track experience, combined with Aston Martin adding GT capabilities to make it also fully usable on the road.

This special launch of the car was held at Aston Martin's Gaydon factory in front of staff and media, to see it for the first time. From here the car will continue development before customer deliveries ultimately get underway in 2018, expect running prototypes to be seen from late-2017 on.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Durasi 10:32
Dirilis 5 Jul 2016
Kejuaraan Automotive