Keeping The V8 Alive - Charge Motion Control Valve - Ford Mustang GT


2016 Ford Mustang GT - Charge Motion Control Valve

Fuel economy and emissions regulations are always getting more and more stringent, making it more difficult to keep vehicles like this 2016 5.0L V8 Mustang alive. With clever technology, however, there are ways of improving the Mustang’s low end efficiency, without sacrificing much top end power. The idea is to keep the engine as fuel efficient as possible at lower RPM and light throttle applications, but transform it into a raw muscle car when you’re flat out. On the Mustang, one of the pieces of technology working towards this goal is the charge motion control valve. Like any other gasoline engine, the air enters the air filter, passes along through the throttle body, moves into the intake manifold and is separated between the eight cylinders, and then it runs into the charge motion control valve. This device was filed for patent in 1999 by Ford.

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Durasi 03:57
Dirilis 15 Agu 2016
Kejuaraan Automotive
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