Let's Go To Germany in My Classic Mini... OR NOT!


I had big ideas, the Mini had other ones... With the full intention of driving to the Nurburgring in my Classic Mini, we load up the 675LT Spider, GT4 and FF onto the By Wright Transport truck to start their journey before I set off.

However, when going down to load up the car, things didn't entirely go to plan...! The Mini decided it was a little nervous about the prospect of some Ring laps and decided to have a little leak - make of that what you will. The cause is presumably something that's not too dramatic and will be an easy fix however given all other considerations for my travel schedule it made sense to leave it and catch a flight over (the Focus RS is up to other things so I couldn't yet bring that).

In any case, the truck guys were great and even dropped the FF off at Cologne airport for me to drive to the Ring where I'd meet up with Boosted Boris at Ring Garage for the usual antics and a rather cool surprise!

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