Nissan GT-R AWD System - How It Works


How does ATTESA E-TS work? How is the GT-R so fast? How does the GT-R AWD system work? The Nissan GT-R has a secret weapon: ATTESA E-TS. The GT-R's AWD system is a sophisticated unit developed with the goal of putting down massive amounts of power. The system itself isn't all that complex to understand, it's not only the hardware, but the programming that sets it apart. The system sends the front engine's power back to a rear mounted transaxle, which sends power to the rear tires through a 1.5 way LSD. Another shaft, operated by a multi-plate clutch, takes power from the rear mounted transmission all the way up to the front open differential. 

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Durasi 05:02
Dirilis 27 Jun 2016
Kejuaraan Automotive