Preparing the FF for my Big Tour!


My huge euro tour is about to start and more info will be coming tomorrow about the plans but first up is to prepare the FF for what lies ahead. Having completed full coverage PPF to the 675LT Spider, and vinyl wrapped the GT4, it made sense to return to Topaz for a chance to bring some life back into the FF and protect it for the upcoming adventures.

Kicking off with a Level 3 detail you can watch the car transforming from looking tired and worn into almost seeming new! The bodywork was covered in swirl marks, paint defects, fallout like tree sap and bird droppings and more - all of which have been corrected prior to the installation of a front-end and sills PPF package. This is a common option for those not wishing to do the entire kit but still protecting the most vulnerable parts of the paintwork.

The best way to summarise the results are that it has literally made a 4.5yr old car with 20,000 miles look like a nearly new vehicle with barely any mileage on the clock. The appearance has been revived, the paintwork now appears more striking and the overall result is fabulous.

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Dirilis 10 Agu 2016
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