SURPRISE New Mystery Car!


I've been teasing that it's coming, but you certainly won't be expecting what it is! My new mystery car, for some quirky summer fun is here...

Spoiler below:

Say hello to the Shmini; a classic Rover Mini Cooper Sport, 1.3 with Sportpack, finished in iconic British Racing Green with silver stripes and roof.

Despite my repeated claims it wasn't going to be a super or luxury car and that it was something cheaper and quirky, everybody was guessing at Lamborghini Aventador SV or Bentley Bentayga; but no that's not it, clearly. I have two more incoming supercars that I will be announcing in the next week that are due for delivery at the end of the year.

What is the Mini's purpose? I don't really know but whatever it will be fun and I'll share that with you.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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Dirilis 22 Jun 2016
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