The Last Drive in the 675LT


The final drive in the McLaren 675LT and a very special one as it marked the first outing for the full Blue Crew with the Ferrari FF and Porsche Cayman GT4 all together. The car has now moved on to the new owner who is going to continue to enjoy it.

Starting off from my garage, we head down with all three cars to the Goodwood Motor Circuit for the Full Throttle Breakfast Club, joined in convoy by the 12C and then further cars including a 918 Spyder. One of the aims was photo opportunities and we weren't short on them before arriving at the event and finding a McLaren F1 GTR Longtail and road legal P1 GTR just as they headed off. There was so much at the event I wasn't able to see because of the craziness going on too.

In the afternoon we had an opportunity to parade on the track for photos. Because Goodwood has very, very strict sound regulations depending on the day this was strictly for photos and not for racing but was pretty special to be doing with the cars.

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Durasi 16:10
Dirilis 8 Jun 2016
Kejuaraan Automotive