What Is An Oil Catch Can?


Should you use an oil catch can? During combustion, a small amount of the combustion gases pass the pistons into the crankcase, this is referred to as blowby. This air isn't super clean, and it mixes with the oil in the camber. The positive pressure in the crankcase needs to be vented, which is where the PCV valve comes in. This allows the air, and oil mist, to escape the crankcase, and is usually rerouted back to the intake. This oil can gunk up your intake system, including forming deposits on the intake valves and piston heads. The only downside is that you will have to drain the oil catch can occasionally. Using the system can help prevent carbon deposits, gunk, and reduce the likelihood of knock and pre-ignition by removing oil contaminants introduced in the intake. 

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Dirilis 29 Jul 2016
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