Enduro Legend Graham Jarvis Charges to the Front | Romaniacs Offroad Day 2 Highlights


When the going gets tough, you can count on Graham Jarvis to get going. After his day one ambush, Jarvis was determined to make amends and put himself back into contention for this year’s Red Bull Romaniacs title.

Fourth to start the day, he quickly got down to business on what organisers promised to be the toughest day of the rally. Working overtime to make up the 10-minute deficit to Wade Young, who led the field away at 6.30am sharp, Jarvis took every difficult passage in his stride.

Within an hour, he had Young locked in his sights and making short work of the treacherous Bermuda Triangle, Jarvis was in front and pulling away. Gapping his rivals before the midway service point, he continued his unrelenting pace to take the day’s win and move himself to the head of the overall classification.

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Durasi 04:49
Dirilis 18 Jul 2016
Kejuaraan Enduro
Pembalap Graham Jarvis
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