Bug Gran Turismo Sport


► 4:15 REAL Lakebum gameplay comparison.
We thought Lakebum was a dirty driver annoying everyone but he was in fact racing ALONE on the track. FIA GT Nations Cup Series 2017 Online Race Event Championship Test Season 1 Round 6 Gr.4 and Gr.3 Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit Bathurst. FAIL

You can watch the replay in the game in Discover, Replays, Search: "buggy" & "ruined" or follow SnowLeopard_1971

Special thanks to Lakebum for his recorded gameplay footage and SnowLeopard_1971 for the saved replay.

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Durasi 18:48
Dirilis 12 Nov 2017
Kejuaraan eSports
Event Gran Turismo Sport
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