HPD Trackside -- Red Bull Global Rallycross at The Base


Olsbergs MSE, with driver Sebastian Eriksson, scored its first heat victories in the all-new turbocharged Honda Civic Coupe in Rounds Six and Seven of the Red Bull Global Rallycross Supercar championship.

Eriksson led his teammate, Joni Wiman, in the Heat 2A victory from start to finish, with Wiman completing the six-lap race in second place. Eriksson and Wiman’s smooth and consistent skill behind the wheel of the Civic, powered by an 8,500 rpm Honda Performance Development engine, proved to be too much for the field, gapping the competition by over six seconds.

The weekend’s action unfolded on the runways of Marine Air Corps Station New River with a .713-mile, 58 percent pavement/41 percent dirt circuit that tested the Civic Coupe’s durability and agility throughout the doubleheader weekend. Saturday’s Round Six final took place after a 45-minute delay for severe weather and lightning. The track conditions were sloppy, featuring deep puddles and mud across the entire second half of the course. By the end of the chaotic final, Eriksson finished in sixth place and Wiman, seventh.

On Sunday, the track dried up, thanks to 95 degree heat and 65 percent humidity. The Olsbergs MSE duo was able to claim Honda’s second heat victory of the weekend in Semifinal A, with Eriksson finishing on top and Wiman, second.

Unfortunately, the persistent severe weather, including lightning, forced Red Bull GRC officials to postpone Sunday’s scheduled seventh round at the Marine Air Corps Station. Red Bull GRC officials announced that all points and results from Round Seven are currently suspended

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Durasi 02:54
Dirilis 5 Jul 2016
Kejuaraan Global Rallycross
Event The Base
Pembalap Sebastian Eriksson