Playseat® visits Max Verstappen


When someone like Max Verstappen – youngest Formula 1 driver ever ánd Playseat® racer since he was nine! – needs a new racing setup installed, Playseat® gladly goes by for a visit! We placed a custom made “Max Verstappen F1 seat” in his gaming room.

The new setup provides a very realistic simulation which helps Max to prepare for real races, but also means a lot of racing fun in his free time! We had a nice time installing the Playseat® simulator and are proud Max races at home with our rig! Hopefully we will see a lot more awesome new overtakes by Max coming Formula 1 season, which might just be practiced while seated in his Playseat® simulator.

Want to race like Scuderia Toro Rosso’s Max Verstappen? You can with Playseat®!

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Durasi 00:57
Dirilis 31 Mar 2016
Kejuaraan eSports
Pembalap Max Verstappen
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